Here’s why project managers prioritize establishing a timeline

Here’s why project managers prioritize establishing a timeline

“Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends,” said William Shakespeare and the top project managers in India totally agree with it. A project’s timeline that is planned to rule out the delays is the key for project managers to win the trust of the clients and establish a benchmark in the competitive field of construction. Apart from this, establishing a timeline brings a number of benefits that helps various teams streamline their work and add value to the project’s overall progress.

Read ahead and discover why project managers prioritise establishing a timeline.

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1. It gives a baseline for project completion

A project timeline’s key goal is to estimate the project’s completion date. It suggests a tentative work plan with respect to the different time intervals and sets a time frame for the project, thereby making it look forward to successful completion. Top construction project managers trust that this also makes the goals of the project more achievable since there is a deadline to refer to—the different teams involved in the project are encouraged to be more productive and fast-paced at work, while the client is given the benefit of clarity.

2. It tracks the project milestones periodically

The progress of a project is a direct product of the timeline, given the strategic planning of the milestones within the given time frame. A timeline also analyses and formulates a plan that considers a project’s dependencies such as resource availability, restocking etc. to predict a project’s goals with maximum accuracy. In large scale projects, project managers go with establishing timeline for creating mitigation action plans, by identifying the lay-backs and delays in comparison with the milestones, thereby minimising the risks and other discrepancies.

Take a look at Amrit Wellness Centre in South Florida, a large-scale project managed by our team with strategic milestones planned within a challenging time frame.

Wellness Resorts Singer Development LLC (WRS Development LLC), based in South Florida is building Amrit Wellness Center in Singer Island, Florida.  Amrit is an oceanfront Wellness Resort, consisting of Twin towers of twenty stories with Hotel rooms, Residential and Wellness zones (SPA) with world-class amenities like Gyms, restaurants, beach bars etc.

3. It aligns the multiple teams towards a single goal

Modern day projects tend to gather maximum expertise by involving various field experts who come with bigger teams—coordinating and directing them towards a common goal comes as an unseen challenge. Expert project managers face this challenge by establishing timeline for the project to connect teams at different levels with a single, unambiguous work breakdown structure (WBS)—which allocates timed tasks to all teams involved and creates a task-based network in the midst.

4. It allows the planning of the cash flow of the project 

Most construction projects call for a heavy budget that are released as funds across different stages of completion of a project. Taking into consideration the practicality behind raising funds and the legal procedures such as loan proceedings etc. behind it, project managers prioritise establishing timeline for the project. It helps them plan funds at specific time intervals such that there is a continuous cash flow in the project—thereby avoiding delays in material procurement, manpower management etc. due to lack of funds.

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5. It ensures accuracy and ease with advanced tools

Establishing timeline in the modern projects has come a long way—from time consuming conventional charts to easy and quick softwares and other digital tools. These advanced methods help in achieving maximum accuracy across all areas of a project’s progress, including the assignment of individual tasks, tracking of progress, analyses of potential risks, estimation of project completion and more. For example, a computerised tool can sync the project-related data with the yearly calendar and consider festivals and holidays to give an actual, achievable and practical timeline. Top project managers also have a practice of connecting and coordinating their teams over custom-created softwares and encourage them to record the progress regularly.

6. It offers transparency to projects of every scale

Small-scale and large-scale projects have the same requirement from a project’s timeline—transparency in the progress. In case of larger teams as in large-scale projects, this need grows higher, both in terms of task planning and tracking delays. During the planning of tasks, transparent timelines provide information with which each team can be made accountable for individual targets. On the other hand, establishing timeline tracks and prevents delays by placing long lead items in advance. 

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7. It makes way for best project management from end to end

The difference between “project management” and the “best project management” is defined by nothing but the relationship between 3 major factors—time, cost and quality. Time, being the foremost, drives the success of a project with a well-planned timeline that prevents delays, allows better cash flow and creates an environment for the best work output. The overall interrelationship of these factors builds a project that provides satisfaction to both the workforce and the client.

Most project managers in India trust that a transparent and value-adding project timeline helps in maintaining a good relationship with the client, amidst increasing the trust and reputation. We at SSACT also believe in the same.

For us, “Happy clients are the signs of the best project management”.

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