All about Integral Project Leadership from the best project managers in India a.k.a SSACT

All about Integral Project Leadership from the best project managers in India a.k.a SSACT


Integral Project Leadership is the overall management of a project from design to delivery. It encompasses everything—from large-scale to small-scale works required by the project and provides comprehensive services at length. The all-inclusive choice of project management service gives a single solution to all requirements of the project, extending across initial surveys, the appointment of professionals and consultants, design of the structure, provision of value engineering work, control of cost, time and quality, until the handover of the project, among several other meticulous plans and work structures that contribute to the success of a project.

The benefits of choosing an exhaustive service like IPL (Integral Project Leadership) include:

  • Well-coordinated services under a single leadership
  • Appointment of the best professionals in the field
  • Good communication between the service end and the client end
  • Quick turnaround time for the project
  • Proper documentation of the works, among several others.

A good Integral Project Leadership also avoids:

  • Unnecessary conflicts within the different teams
  • Confusion at the client’s end
  • Cost overruns, material mismanagement and other issues during execution, among others.

Convinced already? Read ahead and explore all about Integral Project Leadership to take an informed decision for your next project!

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The range of services under Integral Project Leadership is extensive, with attention to detail. It responds to every possible requirement of a given project with great accuracy and reliability. For such an important service, one needs to choose from the best project managers in India who are established in the field with commendable experience, a future-forward team and a state-of-the-art approach towards the project’s functions. In other words, one needs to choose a project management team as phenomenal as SSACT.

SSACT (Sustainable Systematic Action) is a smart choice for a modern project, just as the name suggests.  It is where you get all services under one roof. The design-to-delivery services include:

1. Feasibility study

The first hit on a project’s success rate

Feasibility studies assess the feasibility of the project in real time, in the given context and set forth limitations.

2. Initial Surveys

Setting the ground for the project’s vision

Initial surveys assess and compare the site conditions and lay a strong foothold for the project to commence.

3. Architect appointment

The thrust to team building

Architect appointment helps in employing an expert architect and his/her team for leading and shaping the project’s vision with respect to the requirements

4. Engineering Consultants’ appointment

Onboarding of the expert professionals

Engineering consultants’ appointment helps in building the right team for the consultation services such as Electrical, Plumbing etc. required for the project.

5. Design management

The direction of a work in progress

Design management helps in taking forward the project related works along with value engineering, through drawings, visualizations etc. that support the vision.

6. Creating benchmarks

The reason for the client’s trust

Creating benchmarks compares the project’s progress with its vision and gives clarity on its milestones, to the client.

7. Cost management

The client’s stress reduction pill

Cost management controls the project’s cost and keeps it in line with the initial budget with smart tools and techniques.

8. Establishing timeline

The empirical base for project completion

Establishing timeline gives a practical approach to managing the project schedule and accepting the challenges posed on the same.

9. Value Engineering

The route to the best project quality

Value engineering aims a successful project management with minimal interventions and maximum speed, bringing a significant effect on both cost and time.

10. Tendering

Making room for larger teams & services

Tendering makes way for the selection of secondary workforce by evaluating their experience, credibility and other factors that ensure their suitability for the project.

11. Contract Management

The saviour from conflicts

Contract management binds the terms between the team and the client via legal documents that give assurances for on-time project delivery, after-sale services etc.

12. Procurement management

The medium of flow from factory to site

Procurement management helps in choosing the right products at the right price while evaluating the requirements such as adequate quantity, desired quality etc.

13. Schedule monitoring

The key to avoiding delays

Schedule monitoring measures the adherence to the project deadlines, thereby helping in tracking the success flow.

14.Site monitoring and coordination

The one-directional force towards completion

Site monitoring and coordination aligns the teams along one line of thought and carries a stringent quality assurance across all resources from material to manpower.

15. 3M management

The bridge between the process and the requirements

The Man, Material and Machine management helps in qualitative and quantitative management of the resources required for the project and keeps challenges at bay.

16. Change Management

The strategy behind the adaptation to changes

Change management devices contingency plans and strategies to help in the continuation of the project’s progress at times of unprecedented changes such as market risks etc.

17. Quality Assurance

The fulfillment of the promise to the client

Quality assurance ensures the project quality across all parameters via digitally controlled and monitored sustainable quality assurance systems employed by seasoned professionals.

18. Safety Management

The care for the workforce

Safety management gives surety to the workforce by including work practices with safety standards, designed to protect and save a human’s life, thereby saving the project’s prestige.

19. Document Management

The reference point for the client

Document management provides the record to verify commitments from the team that include the scope of services, timelines etc.

20. Progress reporting

The core of communication between the client and the teams

Progress reporting helps in giving clarity, transparency and accuracy for all information regarding the progress of the project, to the client’s end.

21. Bill Verification

The proof of ethical practices

Bill verification authenticates all of the bills produced across different areas of work involved in the project, that includes materials, equipment etc.

22. Final Testing and Commissioning

The establishment of a real-time project

Final testing and commissioning of a project take the project from the execution phase to the real world through a series of tests that assure a healthy functioning of the project.

23. Final Billing

The big reveal for client satisfaction

Final billing arrives at the end-to-end bill total that has the potential to make a client happy, given its adherence to the budget set during the commencement of the project.

24. Final Documents & Drawings handover

Concluding the collaboration with an informed client

Final documents and drawings handover gives the necessary information for the client’s knowledge and record, regarding the project’s end-to-end process.

25. Project Closeout

The success of an IPL project

Project closeout terminates the collaboration with the client on good terms, making way for a grand project launch.

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Most modern projects have a specific set of requirements that cannot proceed without the right project management team. It may be difficult for the client, as well as the team, to function independently without an advanced project management process—this is where a versatile project management firm like SSACT comes to the rescue!

Here are one of the many reasons why SSACT outshines its competitors in becoming the number 1 choice for clients:

  • A record of commendable experience with esteemed projects
  • A history of satisfied services with top clients—realtors, architects etc. in India
  • An established network of field experts and professionals
  • A head-turning accomplishment of on-time project deliveries
  • An achievement of the best in quality, time and cost
  • A fine adaptability to unprecedented project changes
  • A resourceful hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies
  • An elaborate provision of one-stop solutions

Would you like to have a glimpse of what we do?

Have a look at the projects done by SSACT and get ready to witness the output of top-notch IPL!

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