Everything You Need To Know About Architect Appointment In Project Management

Everything You Need To Know About Architect Appointment In Project Management

Every project needs a good lead. The project management prioritizes this need and focuses on the appointment of the architect in the initial phase of the process. The inclusion of this important position in a project involves strategic selection that encompasses clearly-defined criteria, compatibility towards the type of the project and a strong comparison with the competitors in the field, among the other bases of selection. This blog will help you take a deeper look into the key areas of focus in the Architect selection and get a better idea before you appoint an Architect for your next project.

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Read ahead and find out the answers to all the what, why and how questions you have about this architect appointment in project management.

Why Is Architect Appointment Important?

Architect selection, also known as architect appointment, is a predominant task in every new project as it holds together the different aspects of any project. An architect functions as an intermediary person in a network of other professionals like contractors, designers and so on—which is why their fit with the project is quintessential. Being a creatively-driven expert, an architect translates the vision of the client to a workable reality, making them the point of contact for the design deliverables of the project. With such important functions bestowed upon them, the architects go through a rigorous selection process that collectively ensures that the client, architect and other key professionals are in the same line of thought. This is the mark of a successful project plan.

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1. Creating The Documents

A look into Client briefs, Tender documents etc.

In a country with over 24,000 architecture graduates every year, architect selection becomes a tedious process. In such a situation, the project management team streamlines a set of documents that facilitates the architect selection process. These documents are aimed to bridge the gap between the client requirements and legal requirements governing the project. It includes:

  • A design brief from the client’s end that explains the objective, vision, limitations, problems and approach to the solution of the project. It is usually prepared as the first document in the process.
  • A checklist for the service requirements of the project, along with the deadlines and special specifications, if any.
  • A tender document that discloses the budget of the project, requesting proposals from various professionals interested in getting onboard.

These documents may be shared as a set or a single copy for the architects to review.

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2. Making The Right choice

The ideas behind choosing the right Architect for your project

Choosing the right architect for your project is entirely dependent on the balance between the professional and practice-oriented criteria for selection. While the professional criteria ensure that the legal permits are met, the practice-oriented criteria focus on the feasibility of the services.

The criteria for architect selection primarily includes:

  • They must be registered as an “Architect” with the Council of Architecture (CoA) India.
  • They must posses unique register number along with legal permits for planning, design and approval of the deliverables.

Other practice-based criteria include:

  • They must be ready to work along the likes and dislikes of the client.
  • They should be active in communication and co-operation across all stages, right from the beginning.
  • They must posses a strong portfolio, along with a proven conformity to the state-of-the-art design & management practices.
  • They should have a competitive team with sufficient manpower, ideal for the scale of the project.

When an architect showcases these attributes in the professional image, he/she has high chances of getting shortlisted.

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3. Falling In Line With The Budget

Fundamentals of the Architect fees

The right architect for the project is the one who fits your budget. Such a professional must also be willing to work under the cost constraints and employ effective strategies that cut down the overall cost incurred in the project. They must be confident about the budget management and produce a legitimate budget breakup when requested by the client. This breakup should focus on details such as:

  • The project estimation, in total and in part
  • The product specifications mentioning the grade of the materials, brands etc.

A good architect ensures:

  • Adherence to the overall budget
  • Employment of quality assurance methodologies
  • Practice of sustainable, energy-efficient practices to reduce long-term costs
  • Clarity-to-detail in all the produced documents

When an architect meets all the pillars of budget, he/she becomes a reliable lead for the project.

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4. Setting The Benchmark

Definition the scope of service

The services offered by the architect is often unclear or misunderstood by the clients or any other stakeholders who lie beyond the professional sphere. In such instances, a clear scope of service is requested from the architects to make sure that the requirements are rightly addressed by both parties. Usually, this scope is worked on, with the inputs from both the client’s end and the architect’s end after one or a series of client meetings. The benchmark is set only when all the questions from the client’s end are fulfilled.

The common questions while selecting architect would be:

  • What are the set of services offered in your proposal?
  • What do you mean by (term unclear to the client)?
  • How many revisions can I request?
  • How many design options do I get?
  • What are the complimentary services I can opt for?
  • What will happen if I need additional services in the future?
  • Do I get after-completion support from the team?
  • How long am I eligible to get the professional support from your side?

And so on.

When such questions are answered to, with a clear scope of work, the architect befits the project.

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Things You Shouldn’t Miss Out In The Process Of Architect Selection:

Appointing an architect for a project requires a series of interconnected steps that is broken down and summarized in the topics discussed above. In addition to this, there is a quick checklist that can help and guide clients and project managers in architect selection.

It includes:

  • Architect Comparison where the shortlisted professionals shall be compared for their experience, budget, capabilities, compatibilities and more. A pros & cons list can be prepared to help identify the key determinants with respect to the project.
  • Previous Expertise where the architect’s previous experience shall be taken into account. If an architect possesses expertise in a typology or scale similar to that of the current project, he/she might be a forerunner in the selection.
  • Network advantages where the architect’s connection with the professionals in the allied fields like construction, product design, interiors etc. have an upper hand on the easy progress of the current project.

Tip: Take a referrable print out of the checklist, along with the important steps mentioned in the blog while you encounter an architect selection process in your next project.

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