Why Modern Projects Need the Best Design Management

Why Modern Projects Need the Best Design Management

Design management gives direction to a project. In the case of construction projects, design management gives a better foothold by streamlining the design processes whilst managing resources and promoting new innovations. The process also gives a special focus to material requirements, quality of the products used, adherence to client’s requirements, and more, which have a huge impact on the satisfaction of the client.

On the whole, design management is known to

  • Develop a solution in a structured way
  • Convert client requirements into project deliverables
  • Ensure quality and safety standards

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Design management promotes the best design practices

Modern projects need modern practices.

The construction industry of today stands at a point where traditional practices can no longer bring the efficiency desired. To achieve the zenith of efficiency in cost, time, and quality, a project needs to focus on its design management that regulates the construction process with state-of-the-art methods, strategies, and control measures, which in turn facilitate the smooth flow of the project management process.

Good design management,

  • Increases project success rate with well-coordinated plans
  • Reduces customer complaints by alleviating the design inconsistencies
  • Provides collaborative materials for different experts

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Project brief is first formed in Design management

Design management becomes the starting point for a project’s conception. It is where the project brief is first formed—the design problem is determined at this stage of design management. The problem translates the client’s requirements in the project terms that serve as the first form of communication between the client and the design manager. The brief is thus considered as a project’s drive.

A good project brief,

  • Defines the problem with clarity
  • Gathers information relevant to the project’s progress like the scope of work, budget etc.
  • Highlights the limitations, if any.

In short, a good project brief not only provides information to kickstart a project but also serves as a reference that we come back to, in case of issues. This makes the project progress in the best direction with achievable milestones.

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Design management links multiple teams under one roof

Design management of a project is where the different teams involved in a project work towards one common goal—the design solution. The multiple teams working on the design solution includes:

  • Architects
  • Designers i.e. Interior Designers etc.
  • Draftsmen
  • 3D visualizers
  • Technical Consultants like Electrical consultants, Plumbing consultants, etc.

The design management process connects these teams and deduces their internal scope of work, budget allocation, and other areas of micromanagement. In the case of a large-scale project, design management becomes all the more effective since it gives a clear plan of actions, schedules, and more for a larger workforce—these projects need highly capable design managers who are capable of making quick decisions, employing control procedures, strategizing objectives, resolving risks and establishing seamless coordination.

The team of design managers who help with such processes includes:

  • A lead design manager who leads the team
  • A design co-ordinator who co-ordinates the works of multiple technical consultants
  • An information manager who works with the computerised models and BIM software
  • A lead consultant who acts as a point of contact between the client and the team
  • And other support staff who can manage the day-to-day activities.

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Core concepts are evolved in Design management

Concepts are the core of a design project that binds several important elements together. It helps the design team explore the best design proposals that resolve the problem at hand, in a creative yet functionally feasible approach. As a part of the design management, conceptualization makes the project successful and sound, amidst creating a common theme for the different teams to work on. With such a technical capacity backed by a creative standpoint, concept creation amplifies the importance of design management in a project.

VAMA Wellness centre for women is a project managed by SSACT that expresses a strong feminine concept in an Indian sense with traditionally handcrafted textiles, reinterpreted art, hand-worked décor and vibrant colour schemes. Such an impactful concept was achieved with the best-in-class design management from SSACT.

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Design management bridges Developed & Technical Designs

The thin line between the developed and technical design is what decides the success of a project. With improper project management, a project can end up with on-site constructs that are nothing like the ones planned. This may be due to one of the following issues:

  • Poor communication between the teams
  • Non-effectual documentation of plans or briefs
  • Missing information in one or more documents
  • Poor allocation of resources such as materials etc.
  • Lack of control measures such as inspection etc.

Such design inconsistencies bring down the efficiency of the design in a project that in turn affects its value and success rate. With such a risk ahead, it is the design management of a project that simplifies the complexity of problems. This is why experts highly recommend a good design management team to lead your project.

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